Focused Learning Plan

I had always an issue with focusing on reading one certain book and finish it before moving to the next, that doesn’t only make reading books takes longer, but it also reduces my ability to grasp the knowledge from each of those.

Another problem I’m facing also, is deciding what to read, and I tend to add huge number of books to my shopping cart, then ordering them later, only to actually read fraction of those.

But, now that I’m preparing for a Product Management position, I’ve decided to create a focused reading and learning plan to span the following categories :

  1. Technical (Coding Interviews)
  2. Marketing
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Management
  5. Design

Over a duration of 6 months, a total of 28 books to read and 10 online courses to take, with estimated total time requirement of 900 hours, beside a full-time Product Management job, that means a nightmare and a need for tight and efficient plan.

So, I’ve followed the following strategy :

  1. Breaking down the needed tasks in Trello board
    1. Book Reading Tasks (1 task of 10 hours/book)
    2. Book Summarizing Tasks (1 task of 5 hours/book)
    3. Course Following Tasks (1 task of 10 hours/course)
  2. Then to visualize my progress and my ideal burndown of those tasks, I’ve linked my trello account to

So, this is how my burndown chart looks like, right now.

Learning Burndown Chart 11 Nov 2015

And this is the list of books on my next 6 months plan :

Books to read, 11 Nov 2015

Now, let’s see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted  🙂


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