BigData Trends and opportunities

Should I even care ?!
If you’re reading this article, then there does exist a high probability that, you’re one among those who have heard a lot the trending Buzz Words “Data Science” & “BigData”.

In fact those areas are expanding at a crazy speed, and according to some studies, the demand for Data Scientists will continue to grow, as in the following infogram from a report for SAS, on Data Analytics adoption and trends between 2012-2017, on UK market, they forecasted an increase of 243% in demand.


From SAS report, on Data Analytics adoption and trends between 2012-2017


And the following chart from a wikibon’s article shows the trend of revenue for BigData between 2012-2017.


So, I guess the simple answer to the question at the top of the page, is yes you should definitely care, whether you’re an individual or an company or organisation, you should care and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to reserve your position in that growing market.

So, The following two posts, show you what to do, to gain the required skills if you are :


Company (Coming soon)


SAS BigData Adoption report 

 Wikibon Article about BigData Trends




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