BigData Trends and opportunities

Should I even care ?!
If you’re reading this article, then there does exist a high probability that, you’re one among those who have heard a lot the trending Buzz Words “Data Science” & “BigData”.

In fact those areas are expanding at a crazy speed, and according to some studies, the demand for Data Scientists will continue to grow, as in the following infogram from a report for SAS, on Data Analytics adoption and trends between 2012-2017, on UK market, they forecasted an increase of 243% in demand.


From SAS report, on Data Analytics adoption and trends between 2012-2017


And the following chart from a wikibon’s article shows the trend of revenue for BigData Continue reading


Who should learn about “Data Science” , and how ?

So, if you heard enough about “BigData” & “Data Science” and is eager to be a data scientist, we’ll go through laying out a map of the available tools and required skills, and what you can do to be a data scientist. If you don’t know why you should learn Data Science review our post :

BigData Trends and opportunities

So, there’s a HUGE number of resources online there to learn about data science, and there exist nobody who can leverage all this amount of information, so what we’re trying to do here, is discussing what’s the possible path, that someone could take to reach his goals, which takes us to these questions :

“What areas does exist in the field of data science ?”

“What types of professionals are there in Data Science field, and who’s the Data Scientist?”

“What’re you goals to learn about Data Science ?”

“Do you believe that it’s fulfilling ? are you thrilled to learn about it ?”

After answering that question, a natural question would be : Continue reading